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Amber Night Light, Smart Light Sensor, LED Night Light Plug into Wall, Diffused Light, Energy Efficient, for Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Hallway, Stairs, Kids Room, Amber, 2 Pack


  • Amber light night light is one of the most relaxing lights by its property of blocking 99.95% blue light. By using real amber light LED lights, the small nightlight produces eyes relaxing amber color light soothingly but not amber colored nightlight cover lights which LED inside is just white.
  • Small LED night light plug into the wall and fill the room with calm and soft warm amber light, no light spot, no harsh glare or blinking. Guide the way in the dark with just right amount of brightness by its smart light sensor.
  • Put the amber LED night light in bedroom to improve the quality of sleep with the peaceful warm amber light, or use for baby room, kids, children and other rooms like bathroom, kitchen, hallway.
  • High quality LED beads, larger lighting area with built in radiator, ensured the light is bright enough and long life span. LED night light with smart dusk to dawn sensor lower the electric cost to less than a Dollar a year.
  • Compact size night light with 100% ABS, added fire retardant material to meet V-0 grade fire resistant. CE / FCC / RoSH / PSE certified plus 15 months “No Worries” Warranty.

Amber Night Lights, 6 Pack LED Plug in Blue Light Blocking, Auto Dusk to Dawn Smart Sensor, Sleep Aid Light for Bedroom, Bath, Stairs, Kitchen, Hallway, Living Room. 1600K. Energy Efficient.


  • 💤SLEEP FRIENDLY AMBER LIGHT: Hooga Blue Blocking Night Lights emit a gentle, amber hue that is 99.94% free of blue spectrum light to encourage the production of melatonin in the evening and reduce eye strain. When you wake up in the night and walk through the house, our lights won’t signal to your body that it’s time to wake up like other night lights would.
  • 🌙DUSK TO DAWN SENSOR: With a smart dusk to dawn sensor, the night lights automatically turn on as the surrounding ambient light lessens. The lights will intelligently adjust throughout the night and day depending on the surrounding light. Fall back asleep easier when you get back in bed.
  • 🔋ENERGY EFFICIENT: Hooga Blue Blocking Night Lights use energy efficient LEDs and cost less than 30 cents per year on average to run. Stay safe while you walk through the house at night, while saving money and maintaining good sleep habits.
  • ✔MODERN, STYLISH DESIGN: Designed with a modern minimalist look that will look great in just about any room. Easily fits in small spaces and will not obstruct other outlet plug ins. Long life span of 10,000+ hours. Made of fire-resistant 100% ABS plastic.
  • 💡PREVENT SLIPS & FALLS: Use our amber night lights in hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, and anywhere you would want to illuminate at night time. Helps prevent unnecessary trips, falls, and accidents at night without disrupting your circadian rhythm.

Amber Night Light,LYRIDZ Motion Sensor Night Light,LED Night Light Plug into Wall 1800K Amber Light with Adjustable Brightness Ideal for Bedroom,Kitchen,Kids’ Room,Nursery,Amber,2Pack


  • 🌛 【Soft Amber Night Light】LYRIDZ amber night lights can block 99.95% blue light, which is rather suitable to serve as a sleeping-aid light to improve your sleeping quality at night. No dazzle, no glare.
  • 🌛【Saving Energy Everyday】In AUTO mode, when it detects movement in the dark, the amber night light would automatically light up and lightens your way. It would automatically turn off in 90s of inactivity, which reduce unnecessary power consumption.
  • 🌛【DIY the Desired Brightness】Touch and hold the control area to DIY the brightness smoothly from 1LM (min) to 120LM (max) as you want. Or tap the control area to choose the brightness you need.
  • 🌛【Compact Size and Sensitive Motion Sensor】 The Mini nightlight plugs in any standard outlet while leaving the second outlet free to use. The motion sensor will be activated to provide you with a detection angle of 120 degrees and a distance of 10-13ft.
  • 🌛【Wide Application】good guide to bathroom, kitchen, kids’ room, nursery, garage, stairway, hallway, corridor, basement and anywhere you need a little extra glare-free light.

Look for the best amber night light product

There are so many things to choose from!  All are designed with different styles and colors. It just takes too long for you to decide which one is right for you. That’s why we think our compare reviews of amber night light products will be perfect for you! I’m sure you’re wondering why you should buy this product.

Well, I’ll tell you. This is a great product because it’s affordable and has many features that will make your life easier! You can read more about these features in this post.

The first thing that I loved about this was the price, they were very affordable. Next, was the quality of the fabric, it feels so soft against my skin and doesn’t irritate me at all which is really nice!

Lastly, I loved how easy they are to care for because when they get dirty or stained there isn’t much effort in getting them clean again! Overall these products have been amazing for me and would definitely recommend them if you’re looking for a better one!

Some tips you before you should know:

1. What are you using it for 
2. How often will you use it
3. How much money can you spend on a product

KINUR Night Lights Plug into Wall, UL Listed Soft Warm Amber Color Dusk to Dawn Sensor Plug in Night Light for Baby, Kids, Adults, Bedroom, Hallway, Kitchen, Bathroom, Stairs 2 Pack


  • 【IDEAL FOR SLEEP】SONSY HOME’s led night lights offer soft warm white glow for added safety, security and convenience. Low blue light can help prevent sleep disorders,but traditional night lights are rich in blue wavelengths, which suppress melatonin.So you need our sleep night light which almost no blue light is produced,improve sleep and keep your body producing melatonin.
  • 【AUTOMATIC ON/OFF】With dusk to dawn sensor, switch to an LED light specifically engineered photoinduction automatically turn on/off according to the light level of room. No switch button. Own ROHS and UL compliant, safe to be used.
  • 【MULTI-APPLICATION】Great for Kid’s room, living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, stairways, corridor, basement, garages or any dark cornor.
  • 【ENERGY AND MONEY SAVING】This LED night light with 50,000 hours lifespan, almost 5.7 years, it’s no need to replace, the maximum power consumption only 0.5W, which help you save energy and money.
  • 【100% WARRANTY】Any pre-sale and after-sale questions are welcomed at any time, Email would be replied during 24 hours.18 MONTHS WARRANTY.

GE Enbrighten SleepLite LED Amber Night Light, Plug, Dusk-to-Dawn Sensor, Melatonin, Natural Sleep, Ideal for Bedroom, Nursery, Bathroom, 36244, 1 Pack, Brushed Nickel | High/Low/Off


  • Natural Sleep Aid – Warmer amber light provides illumination with virtually no blue light emission that naturally supports healthy melatonin levels without harming your sleep cycle
  • High/Low Feature – Simply push the button on the front of the night light to switch from LOW to HIGH and then push again to turn the night light off completely
  • Automatic On/Off – This night light has a built-in light sensor that automatically turns the night light ON at dusk and OFF at dawn for easy operation while saving you money by only turning on in low light
  • Home Decor – The simple design of the white and brushed nickel night light looks sleek and modern to complement any home
  • Safe and Dependable – This reliable night light is UL Listed, designed in the USA for your peace of mind

4 Pack Plug in LED Night Light Lamp with Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Amber Yellow


  • Auto night light–light sensor, automatically on at dusk and off at dawn. Always on night light with a tape cover the sensor
  • Warm night light with plug–perfect for kids room/bedroom; soft glow, low electricity consumption
  • 2 year warranty–Free exchange and replacement. Hassle free refund.
  • UL, RoHS compliant, AC 90V~130V, 50/60Hz
  • LED night light with long lifespan–30,000 hours life span, no bulb replacement needed

After-sale service is important when buying amber night light products?

When it comes to buying a amber night light product, you want one that is going to work as expected. You also want something with an after-sale service in case anything goes wrong or if there are any questions about the amber night light product. This is why we tell you to care about the after-sale service! Select your new item from our recommendation today and rest assured that you’re getting a great deal on a quality product!

You will always want something that works as expected with after-sale service in case anything goes wrong or if there are any questions about the product.  You expect the product to work correctly and for it not to break down.

After-sale service is a value that many customers look for in the products they buy. It’s an added bonus when you don’t have to worry about amber night light product defects, malfunctions, or breakdowns. This can be of great benefit if you need assistance with your purchase and it allows you peace of mind knowing that the company stands behind their amber night light product, even after you’ve made the purchase.

Katalamp LED Amber Night Light with Sleep Aid, No Blue Light, Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Wall Plug in Night Lights, 5-80LM Night Light for Bedroom, Hallway, Kitchen, Stairway, Nursery 2 Pack


  • Amber Night Light (Aids with Sleep) – This night light emits amber light between 5-80LM to help with sleep. With a daily exposure from blue light due to smart phones and computer, these amber night lights will help you get to sleep more easily.
  • Adjustable Brightness – this Katalamp plug in night light can be configured to your needs with adjustable brightness. Anywhere between 5LM to 80LM, use the switch on the front of the plug to set it just right. Place this light in any standard wall socket you want a night light. In the bedroom, kitchen, nursery, stairway or garage. Get light where you want it.
  • Dusk to Dawn (Turn on when its dark, turn off when its light) – These Katalamp night lights come equipped with a dusk to dawn sensor built in to automatically turn on and off when necessary. The night light turns on when it’s dark and automatically turns off when it senses light. No need to flip the switch on and off at night. Just simply plug the night light in, make sure the switch is set to on and you never have to worry about remembering to turn it off again.
  • Safe and Efficient – These LED night lights are energy efficient are safe to handle. No harmful gasses or heat to deal with. Just plug them in and you are done. These LED’s are good for 30,000 life hours.

Motion Sensor Night Light, Plug-in Wall Night Light, Smart Movement Sensor, Auto On Off, Slim, Soft Glow, Amber, 2 Pack


  • 🌃 The smart night light plug into wall and work by detecting movement and ambient brightness. Motion sensor will activate the nightlight when movement detected in the dark.
  • 🌃 Warm led light that is bright enough to guide the path during the night without turning on the main headlight, yet the small night light is energy efficient that will be only light up when movement detected in the dark.
  • 🌃 Wide range detection area, up to 10 ft distance and 120 degree movement range. The light will be activated automatically within the area without any switch.
  • 🌃 The amber light can block 99.95% blue light in the spectrum to protect people’s health. It can relax the eyes and promote the production of melatonin to main tain the body’s natural circadian rhythm.
  • 🌃 Slim and small, smart sensor night light that is great for bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, hallway and even other places in the room.

0.5W Plug in Dusk to Dawn Light Sensor Auto on/Off LED Night Light Wall Light 2-Pack Amber/Yellow Glow


  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY Dusk to dawn night light, light sensor night light, auto on/off night light
  • Automatic Illumination Yellow/Amber/Orange LED night light, which turns on automatically at night and off when there is ambient light.
  • Offset plugs and compact size, these night lights do not block the second outlet.
  • Energy efficent night light and no bulb replacement required. Save your electricity bill.
  • Non-polarized plug in night light, serves as bathroom night light, bedroom night light, hallway night light, nursery room night light

Not all amber night light products are the same. If you want to find the right amber night light product for you, go out and try some different ones.

This is a fun way to learn about the different amber night light products on the market and determine which one is best for you! The best amber night light products are ones that sell themselves.

It’s not worth it to be tricked into buying a amber night light product that will hurt you in the long run because of a low-quality or cheap price.

The different amber night light products can make your life easier and go a long way in saving you time, energy, and money.


Amber Night Light, Plug-in LED Nightlight, Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Energy Efficient, Plug in, Soft Glow, 2 Pack(M1801)


  • Amber yellow night light that is soft and friendly to eyes. Low blue night light that will not disturb the sleep even set in bedroom.
  • Soft and gentle light emitting just right amount of brightness without being too bright. The amber light can block 99.95% blue light in the spectrum to protect people’s health.
  • Small and compact size that fits the outlet in a great way and leave the other socket for other devices.
  • Light sensing that is sensitive in the dark, automatically on and off depending on the ambient light.
  • Easy to install, plug in and stay securely in the wall, fits any room in the house. Applied for myCozyLite 15 Months Warranty.

GE Jewel LED Night Light, 2 pk.


  • Always on night light
  • Warm amber glow
  • Jewel design
  • Long life LED
  • Cool to the touch

YUNLEX Plug in LED Night Light with Dusk to Dawn Sensor, Auto On & Off, Diffused Light, Soft 360° Amber Nightlight for Kids Room, Bedroom, Nursery, Bathroom, Kitchen, Hallway, Stairs, Garage, 2 Pack


  • Automatic Switch: The night lights automatically turn on at dusk and off at dawn. No additional installation steps required. Plug this into any wall outlet in your home that needs extra light. You could see what you’re doing in the middle of the night without bumping into things or stepping on the cat, enabled safe midnight trips. Perfect for lighting those dangerous spots in a dark home like stairs, corners, hallways. No more tripping and falling in the middle of the night.
  • Gentle Warm Lighting: Emitted by secondary reflection of the edge instead of directly emitted by the lamp beads, the soft glow is more pleasantly diffused in the room, which is not bothersome when sleeping but just enough to guide you walk around your house without turning your main lights on. Great for babies, kids, elderly or those people who are sensitive to lights. The kids night light is very elegant in both practical and decorative function.
  • Sleek Design, Compact Size: YUNLEX night light plug into wall, is small and sleek to catch your eyes. When plugged into a standard outlet, they only cover one socket in a typical dual socket wall plate. (please make sure the light sensor is on top), saving enough space to plug in your chargers, hair dryers, electric razors, etc. Leaves the other plug available to use. You will fall in love with this sleek and stylish night light.
  • Safety & Energy Efficient: The night light uses 4pcs high quality bright LED, no bulb replacement, 12hrs each day, Less than 30 cents cost for annual power consumption. Probably not even enough to make any movement of your power meter.
  • What You Get: 2 smart night lights, no need to press any button, plug and play, 45 days return service, and 24 hours fast email reply. Buy it with full confidence, it is completely risk-free. Whether you need to look after your children, use the bathroom, feed the pet, or drink some water, your toes and shins will thank you for it!

Bring you high-quality home life. Fashionable amber night light products with texture, easy to use. amber night light products made from different materials will vary greatly.

Our amber night light products made with high-quality materials can vary greatly.

amber night light products with fine workmanship are more popular with customers, so we use high-quality materials to make high-quality amber night light products.


Mr. Beams MB720A Sleep Friendly Battery-Powered Motion-Sensing LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight with Amber Color Light (3-Pack), White


  • Designed for sleep areas: bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways. Amber light provides safety Lighting for getting up during night and waking up in morning
  • Sleep-friendly amber LED emits 20 lumens of soft light at 600Nm, which makes it easier to fall asleep and has been proven to not disrupt sleep
  • Designed to get approximately one year’s worth of light on each set of batteries (not included) with average use of 8-10 activations a night
  • Motion and light sensors allow light to turn on when motion is detected in dark. Auto shut off after 30 seconds of no motion, helps prolong battery life
  • Battery powered for wireless installation in less than 5 minutes with the included screws or double-sided adhesive

You may find our amber night light product has many advantages. Click on the amber night light product link in the blog for more details.

The amber night light products we recommend have many advantages. Click on the amber night light product link for more details.

Many of the amber night light products we recommend have many advantages. Click on the amber night light product link in our email newsletter for more details.

Our amber night light products are carefully selected for their benefits and performance. Learn more about them by clicking on the amber night light product link in this blog.

Reading Lights for Books in Bed Night Light Bar Amber Eye-Care Book Lamps Stick on Kids Bunk Headboard Dimmable Touch Rechargeable Wireless Lamp 1600K Strain-Free LEDs, Blue Light Blocking (2 Pack)


  • Accompany You to Sleep: This amber hue book light eliminates 99% of harmful blue light which reduces eye strain and increases melatonin, so that you can sleep better when you wake up. Dimmable brightness, short touch for ON/OFF, long touch for brighter and dimmer, steplessly adjustable, and it remembers your last brightness setting. Perfect reading mate before going to bed.
  • 90 Degree Adjustable Angle: With a built in strong magnetic backing, freedom to cast the perfect spotlight for books in bed at night, when using the included magnetic mounts. It allows you to rotate the stick light 90 degrees to cast light directly where needed. Never disturbs your another half who sounds asleep.
  • Easy Installation and Portable: Using the included magnetic mounts with double sided tape, you can stick on anywhere. No tools, screws or nuts are required. Easily remove the light from the magnet mounts for charging or as a portable light. Ideal for headboard, bunk bed and wall reading.
  • Enjoy Your Wireless Reading Time: Built-in rechargeable 2000mAh battery easily to charged via USB cable (included), no need to buy extra batteries. 4 hours for a full charge and it can be used for 4-48 hours (depends on the brightness level set).
  • What You Get: 2 x amber light bar, 2 x 4.6ft USB cable, 4 x magnetic mounts (one for use, one for substitution), 4 x extra 3M stickers (for substitution), 1 x user manual, 1x fancy package (perfect gift for bookworms). We provide 2 years warranty, just contact us if have any problem. Note: Please charge it before first use.

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