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CARL BRANDS Carl Personal Paper Trimmer Replacement Blades 4/Pkg-Straight; For Rbt12 & Rbt12n


  • CARL BRANDS-4 replacement blades for the personal paper trimmer.
  • Precision cutting.
  • Carriages are blue.
  • unspecified
  • unspecified

CARL 15051 Bidex perforating/Scoring Blade Set for Personal/Professional Rotary Trimmers, Blue


  • Carl Bidex Replacement Perforating/Scoring Blade Set. Perforating & scoring replacement blades for rotary trimmers.
  • Perforating & scoring replacement blades for rotary trimmers
  • Premium steel blade
  • Blades ensure a precise cut
  • Ideal for creating cards, scrapbook pages and many other projects
  • Straight blade for rt-200/215/218
  • Straight blade for cc-10 and prt-111

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Carl Brands K13N Personal Rotary Trimmer Replacement Straight Blade for DC100N


  • A perfect way to keep your trimmer in shape
  • This package contains one replacement straight blade
  • Designed for DC-100N
  • It is an imported product

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Carl RBT-12N 12-Inch Personal Trimmer


  • Trims up to 5 sheets of standard 20-pound bond paper
  • Sturdy molded base is calibrated with rulers on top and bottom
  • Built-in protractor helps make angled cuts
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Limited lifetime warranty -excluding blade and cutting mat

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CARL 15052 Bidex 1 Deckle/1 Victorian Blade Set for Personal/Professional Rotary Trimmers – Blue


  • Carl Bidex Replacement Deckle/Victorian Blade Set. For Personal (CUI13100) and Professional (CUI12200/CUI12218) Rotary Trimmers, sold separately.
  • For Personal (CUI13100) and Professional (CUI12200/CUI12218) Rotary Trimmers, sold separately.
  • Premium steel blade
  • Blades ensure a precise cut
  • Ideal for creating cards, scrapbook pages and many other projects
  • Straight blade for rt-200/215/218
  • Straight blade for cc-10 and prt-112

Carl Professional Rotary Trimmer Replacement Blade 2/Pkg-Straight; for RT-200N


    Reading carl personal product details is an important part of shopping online. Before you purchase an item on Amazon, you want to know if it’s the right one for you.

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    Carl, CC-10 Handheld Freeform Rotary Paper Trimmer, One Size, Ivory


    • Five adjustable cutting positions
    • Right or left handed use.
    • Up to 11 different blade patterns available – sold separately.
    • Freeform cutter use as a box cutter, scrapbooking projects, art projects and more.
    • Safety switch blade positioning
    • CARL Model: CC-10 / CUI10010

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    Orff: Catulli Carmina / Trionfo di Afrodite


      Personal [Explicit]




        • Addictive stacker puzzle
        • 90 levels
        • Free

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        A brand, on the other hand, is the emotional connection a consumer feels with a product. It’s more than just what you see and touch, it’s about how a customer perceives a company and its carl personal products. In this post, I’ll discuss some of the key differences between products and brands and share some examples.

        COLIBROX Set of 2- Replica ELLIE BADGE GRAPE SODA BOTTLECAP PIN! “UP” & Sticker Gift Bags Top Rated Broach Costume Jewelry Badge Pin


        • Grape Soda Pin. This version uses the same color scheme as the one in the movie. Our badge pins are in used traded for but very good condition. Silvertone finish. Adventure is out there, on a purple bottle cap.
        • Get 2 Grape Soda Bottle Cap Pins!!!! A real life replica of the one from the movie “UP”. Sculpted bottlecap and clothes pin with silvertone finish. This grape soda bottle cap represents the highest honor an adventurer can receive, the Ellie Badge.
        • Movie up gifts are perfect to finish off fancy dress costumes. Perfect to give in kids party bags. Perfect for valentines gifts, Wedding favours or a gift for a loved one or the perfect Christmas Stocking filler this year! Can be secured by using the safety pin.
        • We make them from BRAND NEW bottle caps that have never been used. The soda bottle caps has a diameter of one inch. The image is epoxy coated and sealed to provide water resistance and a glass like shine to the pin. The cap has two holes through which a safety pin attaches to the badge.
        • You can then pin adventure pins the badge to anything you can stick a safety pin through. Unlike other bottle cap pins out there, we attach the pin in a way that allows you to pin it to something without having to remove the safety pin

        Carl Sagan Cosmos – Utimate Edition [Blu-ray]


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